Build Go Quadrans from Source

Most Linux systems and macOS

Go Quadrans is written in Go, so to build from source code you need the most recent version of Go. This guide doesn’t cover how to install Go itself, for details read the Go installation instructions and grab any needed bundles from the Go download page.

With Go installed, you can download the project into you GOPATH workspace via:

go get -d

You can also install specific versions via:

go get -d

The above commands do not build any executables. To do that you can either build one specifically:

go install

Or you can build the entire project and install gqdc along with all developer tools by running go install ./... in the quadrans/go-quadrans repository root inside your GOPATH workspace.

If you are using macOS and see errors related to macOS header files, install XCode Command Line Tools with xcode-select --install, and try again.

If you encounter go: cannot use path@version syntax in GOPATH mode or similar errors, enable gomodules using export GO111MODULE=on.


The Chocolatey package manager provides an easy way to get the required build tools installed. If you don’t have chocolatey, follow the instructions to install it first.

Then open an Administrator command prompt and install the build tools you need:

C:\Windows\system32> choco install git
C:\Windows\system32> choco install golang
C:\Windows\system32> choco install mingw

Installing these packages sets up the path environment variables, you need to open a new command prompt to get the new path.

The following steps don’t need Administrator privileges. First create and set up a Go workspace directory layout, then clone the source and build it.

C:\Users\xxx> mkdir src\\quadrans
C:\Users\xxx> git clone src\\quadrans\go-quadrans
C:\Users\xxx> cd src\\quadrans\go-quadrans
C:\Users\xxx\src\\quadrans\go-quadrans> go get -u -v
C:\Users\xxx\src\\quadrans\go-quadrans> go install -v ./cmd/...


Clone the repository to a directory of your choosing:

git clone

Building gqdc requires the Go compiler:

pkg install go

If your golang version is >= 1.5, build the gqdc program using the following command:

cd go-quadrans
make gqdc

If your golang version is < 1.5 (quarterly packages, for example), use the following command instead:

cd go-quadrans
CC=clang make gqdc

You can now run build/bin/gqdc to start your node.

Building without a Go workflow

If you do not want to set up Go workspaces on your machine, but only build gqdc and forget about the build process, you can clone our repository and use the make command, which configures everything for a temporary build and cleans up afterwards. This method of building only works on UNIX-like operating systems, and you still need Go installed.

git clone
cd go-quadrans
make gqdc

These commands create a gqdc executable file in the go-quadrans/build/bin folder that you can move wherever you want to run from. The binary is standalone and doesn’t require any additional files.

Additionally you can compile all additional tools go-quadrans comes with by running make all.

If you want to cross-compile to another architecture check out the cross-compilation guide.