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What is Quadrans

Quadrans is an open-source, public, decentralized platform enabled by blockchain technology with the mandate to build a digital infrastructure that combines customizable data sharing, cryptography and smart-contract automation and establish a self-governed digital economy between businesses, institutions and individuals globally.

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The Quadrans Network

The Quadrans blockchain infrastructure is composed by a network of nodes. Each node stores a copy of the blockchain database structured in blocks of data and is responsible for distributing the blocks across the network.

A node constantly exchanges data with other peer nodes to ensure that new blocks are validated and all nodes stay up to date.

The Quadrans network is composed by three types of nodes. Masternodes, Miner nodes and Lightnodes.

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The Quadrans cryptocurrencies

The Quadrans Blockchain runs on two cryptographic elements, Quadrans Tokens (QDT) and Quadrans Coins (QDC), designed as utilities to ensure the correct functioning of the infrastructure and support a suitable use in the industry.

The combined use of QDT and QDC is a game-changing feature that has been designed to minimize the economic impact on the use of the system and support the formation of a reliable environment that ensures operational eff iciency.

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How can I obtain Quadrans Tokens or Quadrans Coins?

The Quadrans Foundation performed a promotional activity to help users to be self-sufficient in production of the Quadrans Coin cryptocurrency.

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Know your Customer (KYC) is the process of a business verifying the identity of its clients.

Quadrans Foundation requires KYC identification to the users that want to transform their nodes in a Miner or Masternode for internal due diligence, in line with the principle of transparency.

To become a Miner or a Masternode it’s required to successfully complete a KYC process.

KYC is necessary for us to assess the potential risks of illegal intentions towards the relationship with the user.

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Quadrans Token Holders can stake QDTs directly from their MetaMask application. Please note that users will need ETH (Ether) to cover transactions and pay fees to the Ethereum network to stake/unstake their QDTs.

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The evolution of Quadrans blockchain began from a fork of the open source structure created by Ethereum Foundation.

The Ethereum source code has been re-engineered to accommodate new and unique features. Quadrans has its roots in Ethereum blockchain, therefore it maintained Ethereum-born elements such as the EVM to run Smart Contracts and the consensus mechanism based on the Proof of Authority (PoA) used by the Ethereum Rinkeby network to provide scalability of transactions.

Quadrans is fully interoperable with any data flows and ensures compatibility and transferrable features with Ethereum and Ethereum-like ecosystems to allow a seamless and immediate transition of existing solutions into the Quadrans blockchain.

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