Quadrans Token

A fixed number of 600 Million QDT have been generated and perform the following functions:

  • serve as a collateral to users for the recognition of Masternodes and Miner nodes within the network. Anyone that possesses QDT becomes a Token Holder. With a certain amount of QDT, a Token Holder may activate a Miner node or a Masternode;

  • regulate the distribution of new QDC as a reward for the participation to the network. All Token Holders are rewarded with QDC according to the transactions processed by Quadrans infrastructure.

QDT have been generated in compliance with the standardized Ethereum ERC20 tokens. This decision was made to consolidate the security of the QDT. QDT are hosted on Ethereum blockchain, chosen for its stability and large-scale adoption.

The Quadrans Tokens supply is capped at 600 million QDT, they cannot be minted or burnt and they have no timelock on them. All the characteristics of the QDT can be viewed on Ethereum explorer at this address: https://etherscan.io/token/0x9adc7710e9d1b29d8a78c04d52d32532297c2ef3

Token Holders may join or leave Quadrans network as they wish and with no restrictions.

Quadrans Token Distribution

The majority of QDT will be distributed through Airdrops across the community to drive technology adoption and help onboard users. No action such as ICO, token sales or similar is planned - Airdrop QDT are distributed for free by Quadrans Foundation and subject to KYC (Know Your Customer) procedure as per internal due diligence and in line with the principle of transparency.

The Airdrop and the Staking will issue a total of 420 million QDT (70%) in multiple phases.

90 million QDT (15%) will be used by the Foundation to serve general interests and pursue public utility goals to benefit the worldwide community (see section 3.3.4 Quadrans for the Community).

The early Quadrans technology was designed and pioneered under Foodchain S.p.A. to pursue the idea of creating a blockchain infrastructure for public use, later on the Foodchain team decided to transfer the technology to Quadrans Foundation.

The technology transfer included 60 million QDT (10%) to be left with technical partners and supporters of the initial idea and another 30 million QDT (5%) with the early adopters.

The Airdrop

Quadrans Airdrop ended on May 2021

How to show QDT in Ethereum wallets

QDT have been generated in compliance with the standardized Ethereum ERC20 tokens and can be used in any Ethereum wallet that supports this kind of cryptocurrencies.

The configuration may vary in every single application. It’s important to select the Add Token in your Ethereum wallet application with these settings:

Token Contract Address 0x9Adc7710E9d1b29d8a78c04d52D32532297C2Ef3
Name Quadrans Token
Token Symbol QDT
Decimal of Precision 18