Quadrans Coin

QDC are primarily used as “gas” by the users for Smart Contracts execution. Quadrans allows users to transact instantly using QDC and therefore are necessary for operations to take place and information to be recorded onto Quadrans blockchain.

The non-volatile nature of the Quadrans Coin allows users to perform transactions at nearly neglectable operational cost all the time. Among others, this feature discourages hoarding and financial speculation.

QDC can be obtained from actively participating to Quadrans ecosystem through the activity of Miner nodes and Masternodes. Since QDC is native to Quadrans blockchain, they can be transferred by performing transactions from one address to another.

Minting Quadrans Coin

QDC are generated according to Quadrans minting protocol in order to maintain a balanced ecosystem for operations.

At the time of the publishing of the White Paper, Quadrans blockchain is minting an average of 1 QDC per day. QDC are minted every time a block is closed (Epoch) with an average time of 5 seconds to close a block.

Mining Quadrans Coin

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