Checking Quadrans Addresses on your node

There are several ways to check and list the address present in a node. All the following methods listed are equivalent and should bring you to the same results. You can choose the method that you prefer and/or use other methods to cross-check the results.

Directory inspection

All addresses/wallets created on the node are stored in the keystore folder in those directories

For mainnet nodes:

cd /home/quadrans/.quadrans/keystore

For testnet nodes:

cd /home/quadrans/.quadrans/testnet/keystore

Access the corresponding directory in your node and inspect it’s contents. You should see a list of json files in a the following format, one for each address


Via gqdc command line interface

Connect to the node via ssh and be sure to use the quadrans user.

Issue the command gqdc account list.

gqdc account list
Account #0: {5afdd78bdacb56ab1dad28741ea2a0e87fe41331} keystore:///tmp/mykeystore/UTC--2017-04-28T08-46-27.437847599Z--5afdd78bdacb56ab1dad28741ea2a0e87fe41331
Account #1: {9acb9ff906641a434803efb474c96a83775628f7} keystore:///tmp/mykeystore/UTC--2017-04-28T08-46-52.180688336Z--9acb9ff906641a434803efb474c96a83775628f7

Via Web3

Go to the node socket folder and attach the cli to that socket

For mainnet nodes:

cd /home/quadrans/.quadrans

For testnet nodes:

cd /home/quadrans/.quadrans/testnet


gqdc attach gqdc.ipc

once presented with the > prompt use the following command to list your accoutns personal.listAccounts

["0x3ce6d53998e0b45b46d62c5e3a08025156544ef9", "0xaacbe83d9054f14e18cbf2cd0e11ba16ec759760"]